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To Sail the Comet Roads and Other Dreams

posted Jul 20, 2019, 8:14 AM by crystal carroll

Fifty years ago (plus a few days) humans sent the largest rocket ever built into space (with some humans on board). As that great vessel stood on the launch pad, readying herself for her journey, her sides moved as if she was breathing. Apollo 11 went to the moon in peace. To do the other thing. With some national pride, sure, but ultimately it was a drive for all humanity to see. Explore. The kind of imagination sorely needed at any moment in history, but certainly now.

We can do tremendous things if we decide to do it.

Today, I'm putting out another book of short stories about anthropomorphized space ships, comets, martian rovers, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, and so on.

Didn't I just put out a book of short stories? Yes. Certainly. But as the excitement over the 50th anniversary of the moon landing got closer, I remembered that I'd written a short story (previously published in anthology New Horizons - available on Amazon) about the Apollo 11 launch. More of a prose poem than story. It got me to looking through the short stories I've written over the years about anthropomorphized comets, planets, robots, etc. I had about enough for a tidy little collection. 

Sadly, no not the tale of Steve the Not Aurora and Karl the Fog, I promise I will write that eventually. Possibly to go into a book of short stories about natural phenomenon. Some day.  



Smashwords will happen in a bit when I wrangle the formatting into place.

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