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Sept Giveaways Complete Lead to Zombie Dreams

posted Oct 3, 2012, 8:40 AM by crystal carroll
I dreamt that it was the zombie apocalypse. So, naturally I got up and closed my window so I wouldn't get eaten.

When I woke up, my window was closed. Well, I'm glad what was probably the zombie sprinklers were prevented from sprinkling my brains.

Aka, what happens when you spend the weekend reading "Deadline" and "Blackout" rather than writing.

Post dream followed by "Countdown" and "2014: the Last Stand of the California Browncoats", which was both sad (the zombie apocalypse + SD Comic Con = sad story.) The more so as there's this overriding sense of a bygone era of fandom. Plus, dead fans. At least I now have a DR plan for the zombie apocalypse. Word to the wise, one of those backdoors dumps out (eventually) in the Marina behind the convention center.

Aka, that was getting off kind of lightly in terms of dreams.

This weekend both my e-book giveaway on Library Thing and the physical book giveaway on Goodreads finished. The coupons are emailed and the books are on their way. All that is left is to wait and see what people think. Hopefully, "Blood Maiden is a fantabulous book! Better than Cats!!!" or something.

I have started on the story that I am writing for the Kaleidoscope fiction exchange, which anyone who has ever read anything that I have ever done is going to read it and know who wrote it because it is obviously something I wrote like burning. Super secret, it will not be.

I'm also working on another side writing project that's refusing to line itself up, which means that I'm trying too hard and need to change directions. I tend to find that's a story's way of telling me that I'm writing the wrong story.

I don't so much get writer's block as I start writing complete tripe. If's effluent. It smells bad. I wrinkle my nose at it. That or I start getting "great" ideas and the story becomes more packed than Saturday afternoon at San Diego Comic-Con. That's really packed and has it's own aroma. Particularly on the days when we've all been in line since the night before. Clearly reading about the zombie apocalypse at Comic-Con is making me nostalgic.

There is such a thing as too many "great" ideas (and zombies). Recognizing the tipping point is where an editorial eye (or a boom stick) is important.

Back to the next project.