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City Stories - Blood Maiden's Setting

posted Sep 3, 2012, 8:15 AM by crystal carroll   [ updated Nov 9, 2017, 9:45 AM ]
City Stories

Blood Maiden's setting is one I'm familiar with because I've been writing stories set in that setting for years.

I've always loved mythology. As a child, when I finished reading the all the books in the children's section, I wandered into the adults section and picked up a book on mythology. After all, I'd been reading the children's versions.

That was a bit of a revelation. But like biting the apple (or possibly candied fig), there was no going back.

The City landscape allows me to juxtapose everything in a modern setting without it being our modern setting. It's everywhere and nowhere. Hopefully, no one ever tries to figure out the landscape of the City, which is simultaneously San Francisco, Taipei, New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, etc. I like mutually exclusive landscapes. The map of the place does and will change.

Into that landscape, gods come. They are all immigrants. There are no natives in this space, because it is an urban landscape. Or rather they all slowly slid together into this space. Mayan's living in the remnants of a roman coliseum that I visited in the south of france. It's why Blood Maiden's mother is so upset about the pyramids of Egypt. There was a legal dispute and the Egyptian gods had better lawyers and claimed original ownership of the concept.

Life's like that in the City.

Some, but not all, of the City stories can be read on my Shorts (Stories) page. Upcoming in the spring of 2013, I will be releasing a book of City short stories to fill in a few more perspectives.